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Brandepix a studio under Cinimage is an animation video production studio based in Bangalore providing high quality and informative videos to the clients all across the country. These animated videos contain information regarding your company or products and services in a humorous manner engaging the viewers and encouraging them to buy the products and services. Studies reveal and you must also have noticed that people have a tendency to click the play button of an available video when they are searching for information. This is because a video promises them to take them through a nice experience satisfying their curiosity about a particular product. Moreover, it does not take much time.

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Why Animation Videos?

As animated video maker we can say that an animated video narrates a story with fun, and actively engages the viewer. Through an animated video you can make emphatic points and that too with a dash of humor and without any constraint. With the use of slide scales which our animation experts love to use the features and the benefits of the product can be highlighted. It is much more flexible than a normal video. Moreover, animated videos provide better scope to provide your imagination various perspectives. The freedom that animation provides cannot be compared to the real videos. Here you can have several characters in various colors, styles, sizes and shapes which are impossible to assemble in a real video. An animated video can demonstrate the thinking behind a particular video and can strike the right chord in the audience’s mind regarding the subject.

What can we do?

With so many benefits of an animated video, you will surely want to have one for your company or your products and services. Hire us. We can think out the box and implement those ideas in our videos to get the message across to the potential customer base. Our videos are fun, engaging, informative and concise. We work with professionally qualified animation video makers. Our animation video services are open to all the sectors across industries. We are one of the reputable animated video production companies delivering work on time and at an affordable budget.