About Us

THE STORY THAT YOU ARE LIVING THERE.... A sneak peek, please!

It's no intrusion, it's our job.

The world is made up of atoms.
Well, that’s just one perspective.
Because our world is made up of stories.

We knit the Brand deep into the fabric of a story and what comes out is a three-piece suit of Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.

A video production company for videos are the mouthpiece of emotions. Yeah, those million unnamed, unrecognized emotions that only a camera (human and mechanical) can capture.

Let’s make some good films together!

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Who are we?

Finding the meaning hidden in that half- smile,
the eye-roll indicating a certain level of exasperation,
the pun behind that wide grin,
We are Sherlock Holmes, solving mysteries.

Why sometimes even the confident eyes prefer to stick to the ground,
Is this the smile that comes from old teachings of formality and etiquettes?
for a deep breath can indicate both- relief and a saturation point,
Pardon us, for we are devoted students of Freud.

For every earring that dangles,
the tie let loose,
the sticker on the cupboard,
the vase with old flowers and impenetrable layers of dust,
the ink-pen pressed between the yellow pages of a diary,
We are story-tellers.

Let’s make some good films together!

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