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If you are looking to build a connection with your customers and showcase the entire range of products for your organization, Cinimage can help you with a cutting edge product video. We are a product video company Bangalore helping our clients to establish their brands in stiff competition. Cinimage provides product video production services at an extremely affordable rate. The product video will bring your products alive on the internet engaging customers for a memorable user experience.

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What can we do for you?

At Cinimage we understand the clients’ needs and the audience’s demands. Combining both of these aspects we will prepare a video which has a cinematic feel to it. The viewers will have an almost film watching experience while watching our video because we will also add a storyline to make it more interesting, appealing and engaging. We use the latest technology during product videos production. After you incorporate the product video we prepare for your company, you will see your sales increase dramatically. We work with professionally trained filmmakers who produce high definition product videos fit for digital broadcast.

The product videos we prepare for our clients turn out to be the best marketing tool for our clients. In fact, product videos can be used to showcase an entire catalogue of products or a particular product you want to focus on. We prepare product launch videos for our clients as well. Research has proved that product videos are more engaging and therefore capable of increasing sales and producing better conversion rates. We produce professional, clear, crisp and engaging videos of your product highlighting the features of the product retaining the attention of the customer and informing them about the product.

Incorporating Advertising Elements

We put extra effort in preparing slogans for your products and do the sales pitching properly for you. Sometimes testimonials are also included in the product videos to make them more credible. These elements help in advertising your product and drive your point into the minds of your target consumers. Thus, with the help of motion graphics, original footage and advanced editing Cinimage will produce a product video for you successfully.