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Testimonial Films build Credibility!

Wish to make your website more credible to the potential clients and customers? Add some testimonials to your website and let your target customer base know that you have a long list of satisfied clients. Testimonial video is a great option for this purpose. Cinimage can make awesome testimonial videos for the clients. We are a Bangalore based testimonial video production company having reputation for providing crisp, clear, informative and concise videos for our clients for various purposes. The best part about Cinimage is that we produce most effective and persuasive videos at an affordable rate.

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Advantages of testimonial videos

Testimonial videos of existing customers can help in building trust and credibility among the potential and new customers. It is one of the most influential tools for marketing products and services. Reaching out to the prospective customers through the good experience of the existing customers really helps in boosting the sales of any company. Especially companies dealing with services can benefit a lot when an already satisfied customer will narrate his/her experience with your company. Testimonial videos production is basically a third-party endorsement technique which never fails. Rather it creates a positive impact and leaves a positive impression on the minds of the prospective customers. The customers can relate to each other’s opinions and thus testimonial videos click.

Another great advantage is that you can reinforce your customer relationship with existing customers. Acknowledging their appreciation for your product and service will make them feel significant thereby reinforcing the ties between them and your organization.

What Cinimage does

At Cinimage we work with experienced and skilled video makers who use lightweight production method and proven interview techniques to increase the pace of the process. The aim is not to test the patience of the volunteers and we achieve it easily. We produce high definition testimonial videos capturing words and expressions displaying praises for your company with subdued tone so that it does not sound like bragging. We reach the customer’s chosen spot quickly, film the video and edit it in a crisp way and produce our testimonial video quickly. We use mobile set up and a small team for testimonial videos production which can reach anywhere anytime.

So, Cinimage is one such testimonial video production company in Bangalore which produces fun, exciting, crisp, testimonial videos at the convenience of the customer at affordable rates and with professional set up.

With Internet and viral marketing ruling the roost these days, a video plays a phenomenal role in new media communication space, taking your brand to the target group effectively and virally! Please watch our product videos in our show reel.