Let’s be honest, no one likes a clueless customer, irrespective of what the business or the project is. When the person who is giving business is unsure of what they expect out of it, it becomes harder for the person who takes up the business to figure out what they must deliver. Especially when it comes tovideo production, there are numerous video styles and categories that filmmakers look into. If they do not understand how and what exactly needs to be conveyed, these styles can cause their creativities to run wild and end up burying the message that they intended to express in the first place. But, when a filmmaker has the right kind and amount of information, they can create magic with controlled creativity.

So, as a client, how do you get the best out of Video producers? The only way to do so is by being aware of what exactly you need from them and providing the right space and time to conceptualize and bring the product to life better than you had ever imagined.

Here are 10 things you’re expected to be sure of as a client before approaching a Video Production Company.

  1. What is the purpose of the video?

Purpose is what drives the project. It is the kick-start button ofVideo Production. Before you approach Corporate Filmmakers, understand the purpose of the video thoroughly. Do you wish to create the video for branding purposes or rebranding? Or is it to introduce a new product or to celebrate a successful one?

Only depending on this knowledge can Video Production agencies suggest you the right kind of format and style for the video.

  • What message must be conveyed? 

Message is a quintessential part of the video. If the messaging is incorrect or incomplete, then the purpose of the whole video is lost. It is not enough to just know the purpose of the video but it is important analyse how this purpose must be fulfilled.

What must the audience remember about the video? What emotion must be evoked in them as they watch it, and how must the video impact them?

  • Who is your Target Audience?

The concept, tonality, style of narration, format, packaging, and literally, everything depends on who your Target audience is. It is not enough to just know the age group you’re targeting or just the gender. You will need a comprehensive understanding of who these people are, what do they do in their daily lives and be sure of why they’d want to watch your video.

  • What is your ideal project timeline?

Setting deadlines are obviously the most important part of a project. But, setting the right deadlines is even more important. Keep in mind that Filmmaking is a long process and consist of various milestones till it reaches a conclusion, and each step is more important than the other. If you do not set a realistic time frame for Video producers to come up with brilliant concepts, jot down the script and screenplay, put together a story board and go ahead to produce, they will have to squeeze in these processes and provide an output that could have been much better if provided the right time.

So, decide how much time you have and let the corporate filmmakers know and figure out the time frame for each of their milestones.

  • What is your ideal budget?

You want a 3D animation video but barely have money for a 2D one. You want a cinematic video with multiple locations but barely have money for a single studio. No, that will not work. You have to decide on your ideal budget and let the business video production companies’ tell you how much better you can do with the available capital.

Only when you decide on your ideal budget will you know exactly what you can do with that much money and exactly how.

  • What is the project approval process?

Every human has a different frame of mind and each of their opinions will be different. If you try to match the product to everyone’s liking, the video will never be completed. Hence, you must decide on the person or the group of people who will contribute their views and go ahead to approve the project.

Approvals are a very important part of the project. It is the one point place where you will find out if the project is up to your expectation, if the project is delivering the right message, if the project requires any tweaking and so on. Finalizing your project approval process right at the beginning will ensure the process to run smoothly.

  • Who will represent your organization?

The faces that represent your organization build the image of your organization, and everyone knows that once an image is built, it’s hard to change it whether in a positive or a negative direction. When we say faces that represent, we don’t mean just the actors or the employees who will be featured in the video but also your point of contact with the Video Production Company, your authorities and literally everyone involved in the process. The right faces or the right minds give rise to right ideas which in turn makes a brilliant movie. 

  • What is your strategy for the video?

Strategizing is not only figuring out why you want a video and what video do you want, it goes beyond those basics. Strategizing involves what happens to the video after it is made. In today’s times, there are many platforms to display the video in and each of these platforms has their own styles, dimensions, and content-interests. For a production house to understand and finalize on these things, they will need a thorough understanding of your strategy for the video.

Where will the video be displayedand for how long? How many times? And what do you plan on doing with the video afterwards? Do you want to keep it as a pilot for your future videos or would you want to make any alterations to it in the future – answer these questions before reaching out to a Video production services!

  • How do you plan on measuring the impact?

If your video is to be displayed on Social Media, would you measure its impact by the number of views it received or by the number of people who contacted you after that? If it is a corporate motivational video, how do you plan on measuring this emotion? It is very important to know which tools and how will they be used to measure the impact that your video is making. You can even ask the corporate film makers to assist in understanding and using the right tools to receive the right results.

  1. Is there a reference video you can provide?

At last, do you have a reference video? If you do, corporate filmmakers will love you. Every time you carry a reference video to a Video Production Agency, you display at most professionalism and providing them a clear-cut ideaof how much clarity you have on the result you are seeking for.

Reference videos cut down a lot of time, provide a clearer idea of the format/ style and other basics, and also help create something similar yet different by travelling in the same direction.

So… now you know. Making a video is not easy, irrespective of what the current generation believes. It takes skill, effort and most importantly time. Contact Video Production Houses after you’ve listed down all that needs to go into it from your end and watch the skilful filmmakers weave your stories in extraordinary ways.

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