It is well known that Human Brain processes visuals better than text alone. Whether it is to promote a particular brand or to convey a significant social message, visual medium, especially in the form of videos are definitely one of the most sought after methods. Especially when it comes to promoting, reinforcing and introducing or re-introducing a brand, video production houses are stacked up with requests for 2D, 3D animation videos, explainers, corporate videos, short films, digital films/commercials, TVCs, and for something new (always).

Taking a look at this demand raises questions such as – How are these marketing heads so sure of the Visual Medium. How have videos occupied the top charts of marketing strategies since the time of its inception? And why is there so much faith in videos as one of the most powerful marketing tools?

Here are three simple reasons on why and what makes videos the most powerful marketing tool.

  1. Videos have better reach and better chance at exposure

No matter whom your target audience is and where you decide to showcase your video, video content will always be appropriate and significant. Videos go above and beyond language to break barriers with the use of visuals that are relatable to the viewer, irrespective of who they are. This ability of the visual content to reach the audience within milliseconds is what gives it the power to deliver a strong message in a comprehendible manner.

Now, if we have to analyse the practicality of the aspect, in this world of thriving technology, video content is available almost everywhere. From satellite-run devices and internet-run devices to display screens in public transports, there are almost a million platforms where videos can be and are being displayed. These platforms give the video production companies and their clients a chance to analyse the target audience and to explore the market space where their product which is the video will be launched. The number of platforms available for displaying video and the ability to reach the desired audiencemakes videos the most sought after medium of marketing.

  • Human brain comprehends visual content faster and better 

Videos use a high level symbolism and reach down to attain deeper meanings of simple everyday truths.While a human’s average attention span is ideally 8 seconds, a human brain can process visual information in hardly 1/4th of a second. This in itself gives video the power to retain a person’s attention and get them engaged in the content being displayed. With the use of the commonly understood principles of beauty and attractiveness, visual content can very easily succeed to look appealing and end up evoking interest about the topic in the audience.

When a human brain comes in contact with visual content, it uses its habitual ability to interpret relationships with the objects that are seen on the screen to form rapid connections of the visuals with the memories they already have. This makes videos easily comprehendible and more effective. Compared to other means of content, which are less flexible than videos, videos have a higher chance of effectively conveying the necessary message and also at creating the desired impact.

  • In videos, there is always scope for something new

There are hundred different styles of video making and there is a new style being invented every day. The flexible field of video making can churn out something for everyone.  Depending on the businesses’ requirement, video production houses decide on the style in which the video must flow. If the video covers only content about the company, its functions, its employees and other factors, corporate video makers usually go for straightforward corporate videos, testimonials and other such categories or if it is a product based video, business film makers explore animation and other explainer formats. Even in these niche formats, video producers expand their knowledge with experimenting and practicing several different styles.

Although, the endless world of video making has laid out some ground rules for its practitioners, it has also ensured that these video artists get enough exposure to explore new ideas and styles by making new rules or by breaking the old ones. This freedom and flexibility that the field offers act as an advantage to video production firms in custom-making videos as per client requirement.

Even though these formulate as the top reasons for the visual mediums to win, there are many more advantages to creating a video.  Hence, videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools!

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